Welcome to my website! Here you will find short stories written by yours truly, other written work, and you’ll learn a little bit about myself!

Writing has always been a joy for me ever since I was a child. For me personally, creating different worlds felt daring yet magical!

It all started with being a young avid reader. I felt proud to call myself a bookworm. My head was always stuck in a book and I was hungry for the next page. If I didn’t have a book in my hands, I felt naked.

When I went to book stores, libraries, or thrift stores, I felt like it was my second home. A kid in a candy shop. I was always drawn to the art covers and somehow I knew if it had a good cover, it was going to be a good book.

Books were an escape for me and the only place that made me feel happy. Whenever I came straight home, I was eager to read and nothing else seemed to matter.

Eventually, I started writing my very own short stories and took advantage of when I had to write them for school as I grew older. I was inspired by authors such as: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Anne Rice; just to name a few. I wanted to create something I would enjoy and hopefully someday for others as well.

So here we are! I hope you will enjoy what I write and thank you for reading!