Awakening The Hands Of Fate: Prologue

By Jamie Board


“Do you think they will be okay?” I ask as I gaze through my Mirror of Sight. The mirror showed four children fast asleep in their beds. It was truly one of the greatest things to see, children at peace without worries.

“I’m sure they will be just fine.” Terris coos as he wraps his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him. “They always do.” 

My body slowly begins to relax as I stare deeply into his warm chestnut eyes.

“It feels like it was only yesterday when the Elders released them for the first time into the world. Everyone was so nervous!” I could feel my stomach turn into knots at the memory.

Terris begins to shake and quickly releases me from his arms as a laugh escapes from his throat. He bends over while holding his stomach and his eyes crinkle with amusement. What could be so funny?

He looks up and asks, “Remember when Saelos kept asking Elder Beridone if they were sure they were making the right choice? And when Elder said yes, Saelos kept asking ‘But are you sure?’ Multiple times?”

“Oh yes!” I press my hand against my mouth as I giggle. “I’ve never seen Beridone’s face turn so red with impatience! He complained that Saelos was the cause of his headaches.” A part of me felt bad for Saelos because he was a loyal man who only wanted to look out for his leaders but at time he would push too far and it almost seemed he didn’t believe in them. The more he pushed, the more people disliked him.

“Ah, those two were a hoot!” chuckled Terris as he wipes the tears away. Our eyes lock for a moment. “Everything will be ok, Lea.” 

I start to chew on my lip. I want to believe those words but I still feel like something bad is coming but what?

“I hope so.” I mumbled. I stare into the mirror and sigh. “Even though I have done this a thousand times, it never feels easy for me.” I place my hand over my swollen belly. “But I suppose I won’t have to think about it for awhile now that this little one is coming into our lives.”

Terris smiles. “You’re going to do great and I’ll be right here with you.” He leans in and kisses me with his strong lips. Heat rises to my face as I nuzzle into his arms. He always has a way of making me feel safe.

We stare into the mirror and watch the image change to a beautiful midnight sky.

Victor sat with his pale face leaning against his hand, tapping his fingers on the arm of his father’s throne. 

No one said being prince of the swamps would come with an eternity of boredom. I’ve always dreamed of sitting in father’s magnificent velvet throne and now that I have the opportunity while he’s away, I feel that dream being crushed into tiny pieces the longer I sit here. My feet can’t even touch the ground. Who wants to be a ruler of this place anyways? It also doesn’t help that I feel eyes watching me constantly, waiting for me to make a move. Don’t they have something else better to do? Does father not trust me?

Boredom growing stronger by the minute, I leap off the throne and someone comes slithering my way from the shadows. I don’t recognize him. He must be one of the people the Elders sent to assist my father.

“Sir? Is there something I can help you with?”

“No thank you.” Father taught me that I must remember to use my manners even if I find the person irritable.

“Are you sure? I won’t mind at all!” the man said cheerfully as he tugs at my sleeve.

“I SAID NO THANK YOU!” I screamed while my face grows flushed. “I may be eight years old, but I know my way around here more than you.” Sometimes I find it hard to be proper when they don’t get the message. The man releases my sleeve immediately and takes a step back. Messaged received, said his eyes.

“Bbbb-but master! I must know for your safety in case—” He pauses while I hold my finger up.

“If you wish to know, I will be in the library.” I say it in the most calmest voice I could find. I feel bad for yelling at the new guy but hopefully he will understand next time to leave me alone. His black beady eyes light up and he runs to me, practically tripping over his grey robe.

Oh thank you sir, thank you!” He says as he bows continuously. His oily black hair flops up and down as though it was ready to fly away.

“If I should need you, whom may I call?” I ask as I flash a smile and extend my hand. The man stands tall and smoothes his hair back. He returns the smile as he places his clammy hands in mine.

“You may call me Saelos.”

To be continued…

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