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Here’s a sneak peak of my short story Red, Yellow, Orange, And Violet

“Jori, do you like spending time with me and my brothers?” I ask.

“I do.” She answers as she plucks a dandelion off the ground with her small hands. She gazes at it for a while, stuck in her thoughts. I look at the sunset ahead of us. The sky painted in red, yellow, orange, and violet.

“Sometimes I wonder if this is all real or just my imagination.” Jori began. “But this dandelion feels real, so it must be real.” She looks so sad but I don’t know what to say.

She looks up at me and smiles.

“Either way, spending time with you and your brothers is special to me and I will live in every moment.” She puts the dandelion in front of her lips, takes a deep breath, and blows. They float in the air as the wind whisks the tiny, white fluffy parachutes off into an endless journey.