The Necklace

Written by Jamie Board

My body is on high alert as Aunt Silvia slices the palm of my hand open. I am to hold the necklace that lays cold against my skin. When it is time to let go, the blood is gone. Not a single drop has fallen. No cut is to be seen. No pain to be felt.

Nothing but power surging deep inside my veins.

Most girls would be horrified.

Most girls would be scared.

But I’m not most girls. I’ve been waiting for this day to come.

“Happy birthday, Rosalie. And welcome to womanhood.”


The fire cracks and hisses and the smell of burning wood fills our lungs. The glow from the flames flicker across our faces. Our shadows dancing under the night of the blood moon.

All eyes on me.

I slowly walk closer to the fire. I can feel the heat wrap around me like a snake. The power within the necklace pulses throughout my body.

It’s time.

“I am a sister of the moon. Maker, take my offering.”

I raise my hand over the flames and make a clean cut with my silver blade. Blood drips and disappears into the fire’s mouth.

The fire turns black and everyone gasps.

Ahhhhh. I haven’t tasted this amount of power in a long, long time.

My body tenses at the sound of a woman’s voice inside my head.

I see great strength in your future. Your offer is accepted.

Thank you for reading this small preview of the book I’m writing! This is a small taste for what’s to come.

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