Category Short Stories

Dragon Girl

Anna is just an ordinary seven-year-old girl who loves unicorns and adventures into the town's forest. But one day the forest has a new guest and everything Anna has learned about mythical creatures just got real. Real fast!

The Dead Giveaway

Mrs. Elie is a Sixty-two year old woman who has a firm belief that if she can't see something with her own eyes then it does not exist. With her plans on living in a new town, her perspective is about to change big time.

The House Guest

Gretta Starling was living a normal college life until her grandfather passes away and leaves her an unexpected inheritance. But it comes with a price. What will be waiting for her in her new home, or better yet, who?

The Sparrow’s Song

A sparrow named Little Pi has BIG dreams but she's going to need help from her furry friend Buttons. Will she achieve those dreams or will she suffer forever?